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Heritage & Conservation

We have a wide range of historic building design and conservation skills along with a contemporary and pragmatic approach to architectural solutions. We also establish excellent working relationships with conservation authorities in the many regions we work.

Working with listed buildings is our forte; Grade I and Grade II or in conservation areas whether in villages, towns or city settings. We have a very long record of successful projects addressing demanding accommodation requirements through sensitive and creative design solutions.

Ensuring respect for the existing fabric and providing a solution which is both sympathetic to the original construction, setting and style, whilst maintaining the effective use of the building, is our continued legacy in heritage and conservation projects.

Opening early channels with LA officers and specialists, we share aims and options aiming to develop a culture of proactive dialogue. We engage with all stakeholders at the outset ensuring we capture all interests in the brief and respect them in our design and adaption proposals. The protection and continued productive use of our heritage buildings is the key to their future maintenance and cultural contribution for years to come. Our solutions are at times reflective of the style and proportions of the original listing but at others they are contemporary, energy efficient and harness modern technologies.


15.11.2019 - Triple hire for leading architectural firm       19.09.2019 - YMD Boon appointed for Nottinghamshire leisure centre scheme       14.08.2019 - Classroom development completed at Primary School next to Sir Christopher Wren masterpiece in Leicestershire       

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