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Farndon Field Primary School

Farndon Field Primary School

School Expansion

• Client: Farndon Field Primary School
• Project: School Expansion
• Local Authority Funding

YMD Boon was appointed to design and deliver 7 additional classrooms, remodelling of existing admin support facilities which incorporated an extension to the main school hall, external works to create new playgrounds and car parking.

The proposed school expansion responds to a local need for further primary school age places. Following a number of recent housing developments nearby, additional Section 106 funding has been made available by the LA to provide 7 additional new classrooms, effectively doubling the existing school size.

YMD Boon developed the initial brief and concept design in close contact with the school, paying particular attention to the phasing and logistics of the design given some works would be undertaken on a live school environment. At all times it was essential to ensure the design both met the schools need and safeguarding of staff and pupils during the construction.

YMD Boon developed the detailed design securing planning consent and overseeing the successful tendering process and subsequent contract administration of the JCT Intermediate contract.


15.11.2019 - Triple hire for leading architectural firm       19.09.2019 - YMD Boon appointed for Nottinghamshire leisure centre scheme       14.08.2019 - Classroom development completed at Primary School next to Sir Christopher Wren masterpiece in Leicestershire       

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