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PEP5 Hertfordshire New Teaching Blocks

PEP5 Hertfordshire New Teaching Blocks

School Expansion

• Client: Hertfordshire County Council
• Project: School Expansion
• Local Authority Funding

YMD Boon in partnership with QMP (BWB Consulting) were appointed to provide full architectural services to design and deliver five new teaching blocks including Reception base and an Activity Pod, new MUGAs and hard play area as well as remodelling the existing schools and extending ancillary facilities such as library, toilets and a main hall for three schools under the control of Hertfordshire County Council.

The programme was exceptionally tight. All schemes had to be designed and delivered ready for September in-take which meant a month programme from planning consent. We used BIM software and all projects were delivered to BIM Level 2 Standards. This allowed a more efficient coordination between teams and reduced errors on site.

The three school sites were different in nature and each required specific assessment to achieve the most effective outcome. We prepared options appraisals which looked at the impact of slopes, external circulation, trees, access control, pedestrian routes etc. Part of the assessment included a ‘cut and fill’ scenario to achieve the most cost-effective solution. Where trees are concerned, we look at the value of the individual specimen, the building / design needs and produce proposals which secure the agreement of the arboriculturalist alongside the needs of the client. Often removal of a protected tree(s) is appropriate with agreed replacement planting reinforcing amenity value.

We facilitated stakeholders’ workshops to ensure each School’s priorities were captured. Using the BIM model, we provided the opportunity to present 3D models and walkthroughs at these workshops. This proved to be very successful as all stakeholders understood the proposals and engaged in the conversation.

To ensure consistent and effective exchange of information, we coordinated the BIM protocol. We set the execution plan (to COBie standards) to ensure all design partners were properly coordinated. In some instances, we supplied support to our partners to resolve any points of clarification.

Due to programme constraints, some of the works overlapped with the academic year. Working on a live site, especially with small, vulnerable children using adjacent facilities, it was crucial to ensure communication between all parties were maintained on a regular basis. Safe temporary access was provided for the staff, students and visitors. Deliveries were also restricted to outside pick –up and drop-off times. We completed the job with no accidents to report.

Two of the teaching blocks had to be located on a sloping site. Another one was located next to the boundary with Morrison’s carpark. Working closely with the Planning Authorities we ensured all pre-commencement conditions were cleared immediately so the contractor could start works on site.

As Lead designers, we acted proactively and co-ordinated consultant packages as well as subcontractors’ drawings in a timely manner. Working closely with the Main Contractor all projects were delivered on time.


31.03.2020 - Education scheme champions women in construction with hands-on career day       11.12.2019 - Brand new accommodation at Market Harborough school as works complete       27.11.2019 - Works complete on idyllic coastal apartments in Bexhill-on-Sea       

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