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Asset Management & Funding Advisors

Asset management has a strong role to play in establishing a vision for estate maintenance and development and our asset management strategy will show how it can underpin your estates’ immediate needs and longer term vision.

Our strategy looks at the performance of assets and how they can be used to deliver efficiency gains, meet changing client or Government requirements efficiently and delivering value for money.

We have extensive experience of working with diverse clients from both the public and private sectors, helping them to improve their asset management organisation and to realise sustainable benefits.

We are also funding advisors and have been successfully advising and supporting clients in respect of funding for capital projects for many years.


Our experienced project managers will oversee the entire funding process from the initial identification of need, through to receipt of capital grant and on to complying with audit procedures following expenditure of funds.

Throughout this process costs are carefully monitored to ensure works are completed within the agreed funding allocations.

YMD Boon has built up a strong professional relationship with various key funding bodies and numerous local authorities which enables us to provide a seamless service to our clients.


31.03.2020 - Education scheme champions women in construction with hands-on career day       11.12.2019 - Brand new accommodation at Market Harborough school as works complete       27.11.2019 - Works complete on idyllic coastal apartments in Bexhill-on-Sea       

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