Our masterplanning involves strategic, long-term planning to establish a flexible, achievable vision for the future.

Our masterplanning process looks at the long-term strategic view of our client’s assets to help them realise the site’s potential and identify the best use of the land and buildings.

We take into consideration the connections between buildings, landscaping, space and surrounding environments.

Our team of proficient Architects consult with key stakeholders, explore the cultural and social context and understand the economic potential that the masterplan could achieve for the client and wider community.

We work closely with our clients to analyse the condition of their assets. We pull together costed feasibility studies and use clever and imaginative design to form 3, 5 and 10 year plans.

Our masterplanning concept allows clients to identify priorities for action and assists in developing a phased approach for the potential upgrade or replacement of their buildings. It can also act as a framework to attract the necessary investment and funding.

Over the years, we have developed and delivered strategic plans for college campuses, university campuses and corporate headquarters.

Practical projects have been delivered to a high standard where costs were pragmatically controlled in relation to the nature of the works. We have YMD Boon to be very professional, understanding of our needs and highly committed in carrying out their duties. I have had the opportunity to work with YMD Boon on numerous occasions, but most notably the generation of a stunning campus for the college at Broomfield Hall.

Based on the opportunities we have offered them, and their large portfolio of experience in education, commercial and residential areas of operation, I would endorse them for future work with the college.