Condition Improvement Fund

We have a proven track record of successful CIF applications, securing millions of pounds for schools and Trusts across the UK

We understand how difficult and time-consuming it can be for staff to allocate time aside to put together a bid for submission to improve their premises and create a safe, positive learning environement for their pupils and teachers.

At YMD Boon, we employ an experienced team of Funding Specialists, Chartered Building Surveyors and Chartered Architectural Technologists and Designers to ensure a fully effective service, from preparing high quality bids to managing the works thereafter.

Our no win, no fee approach

We will work with your school or Trust to identify potential building condition issues that would be supported by the CIF funding stream.

We advise and agree priorities that are most closely aligned with current CIF guidance to provide you with the greatest chance of success. Once agreed, our in-house team will prepare the bids on your behalf and provide all the relevant information.

Once the bids are successful, YMD Boon will work with you to deliver the building projects in a timely manner and within budget. We will manage the whole pre and post-construction process with all costs, including professional fees, built into the approved bid.

If we are unsuccessful in obtaining funding, no fees will be charged.

Over the years we have secured funding for a wide variety of projects, including:

• Asbestos removal
• Boiler replacements
• Electrical upgrades
• Expansion of successful schools
• Fire safety works
• Improvement of sports facilities
• Modular building replacements
• Roof and window replacements
• Site security and safeguarding
• Structural repairs
• Toilet refurbishments

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Important CIF Information

Due to the high demand for CIF funding, only schools that can demonstrate and evidence high project need are likely to be successful.

The highest priority goes to projects addressing compliance and health & safety issues, including structural safety, fire protection systems, gas and electrical safety, emergency asbestos removal and critical replacements of coal and oil-fired boilers.

Advanced planning is critical to ensure that all surveys, tenders, project documents and supporting evidence are completed and submitted in time.

Therefore we advise starting your CIF Bid process as soon as possible, with an experienced consultancy such as YMD Boon. Contact our team today for a free consultation.


Key CIF 2024/25 Dates

Launch of CIF 2024/25
19th October 2023

Deadline for new applicants to register on the CIF portal
7th December 2023

Deadline for all applicants to submit applications
14th December 2023

Applicants notified of outcome 
Spring 2024

We have been delighted with the CIF bids results carried out by YMD Boon, with successful bids in all the Trust Schools that were eligible to apply.

The team at YMD Boon identified the areas of greatest need and applied themselves to ensuring the bids were completed on time with the correct supporting documentation.