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Property Management & Maintenance

Over the last 50 years we have developed an enviable reputation for providing our clients with a reliable and comprehensive property management and maintenance service.

Buildings have, out of necessity, become increasingly complex in terms of structural components and sophistication of mechanical and electrical services and much of the functionality is heavily regulated. Electricity, gas, water, asbestos and a whole host of other issues can present very specific technical problems which the building user is often unprepared for and inexperienced to deal with. We are here to help.

Our service covers proactive aspects such as periodic inspection and testing, routine servicing, condition surveys and building asset management. Much of our work covers reactive maintenance including troubleshooting, breakdown repairs and emergency out of hours support and 24/7/365 back up.

To get the best quality of work we only use contractors who have first proved themselves to be suitable via our pre-qualification procedure that evaluates their health, safety and environmental performance as well as business credentials for the specific trade.


15.11.2019 - Triple hire for leading architectural firm       19.09.2019 - YMD Boon appointed for Nottinghamshire leisure centre scheme       14.08.2019 - Classroom development completed at Primary School next to Sir Christopher Wren masterpiece in Leicestershire       

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