Lutterworth Scout Hut undergoes soundproofing transformation to support those with sensory needs

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Lutterworth Scout Hut, a non-profit organisation who work closely with the community, recently underwent fundamental soundproofing improvements to support those with sensory needs, carried out by Leicester-based firms YMD Boon, Oliveti Construction and Goodsound.


About the Community Project

Facing challenges with noise levels that particularly affected children with various sensory needs, the Scout Hut approached Architects and Construction Consultants, YMD Boon, to see if they could help. After various surveys were instructed and carried out, YMD Boon teamed up with Acoustic Specialists, Goodsound, and Contractors, Oliveti Construction, on the project.

Once thorough sound calculations were conducted, Goodsound generously provided 70m2 of acoustic panels free of charge. Oliveti Construction kindly installed the panels without charge over a three-day period, with access equipment provided without charge from Hireforce.

The Scout Hut, which serves 85 children aged 6-14 and several adults in weekly Beavers, Cubs, and Scouts sessions, has since experienced a significant improvement in noise reduction. Both Scout Leaders and children, along with their parents, have commented on how much of a difference the soundproofing has made to the sessions and the overall wellbeing of the children.


Kathryn Gutridge, Group Scout Leader, expressed gratitude:

“The 1st Lutterworth Scout Group would like to extend grateful thanks to YMD Boon, Oliveti Construction and Goodsound for their involvement in the soundproofing project for our Group Scout Hut.

It has made a phenomenal difference to the level of noise, which is highly appreciated by the children and leaders, especially those with various sensory needs. Going forward, the soundproofing will enable us to do more group activities in the hall, without noise negatively affecting the session.”


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