National Apprenticeship Week 2023: Degree Apprenticeships at YMD Boon

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National Apprenticeship Week is an annual week-long celebration of apprenticeships, running from 6th-12th February 2023.

The theme for this year is Skills for Life. The week will reflect on how apprenticeships can help individuals to develop the skills and knowledge required for a rewarding career and help businesses to develop a talented workforce.


Apprenticeships at YMD Boon

At YMD Boon, we are committed to investing in the next generation and supporting career development. Through our partnership with local colleges and universities, we engage with many young professionals in the form of:

- Careers Fairs
- Mentorships
- Work Placements
- CV Writing Workshops
- Mock Interviews
- Casual Tutoring

As part of this commitment, we provide fantastic opportunities across our Architecture & Building Surveying teams for young professionals, including school leavers, apprentices, and degree students. We have formal training routes mapped out and allocate an experienced mentor to each trainee to support them as they work towards their Chartership or qualification.

In light of National Apprenticeship Week, we sat down with two of our Degree Apprentices to discuss their current roles and the benefits of embarking on a degree apprenticeship.


Miles Lewis, Part 1 Architectural Assistant at YMD Boon

“Last year I enrolled onto the Architect Degree Apprenticeship (Level 7) at De Montfort University to gain my Part 2 & Part 3 certification whilst carrying out my role at YMD Boon as a Part 1 Architectural Assistant.

So far, the programme has been a fantastic opportunity for me to further my knowledge whilst gaining practical experience. It has given me an alternative route back into education whilst keeping a professional foot in the door.

YMD Boon have been very supportive of my degree apprenticeship, enabling me to manage my time effectively and supporting me financially. I’m extremely grateful for my apprenticeship mentor and fellow architects who are always on hand whenever I need advice or support with university work.

I would recommend undertaking a degree apprenticeship to anyone who is looking to progress within the industry without the financial burden.”


Aurora Micco, Building Surveyor at YMD Boon

“I am currently undertaking a Building Surveying Degree Apprenticeship whilst carrying out my Building Surveying role at YMD Boon.

I am extremely grateful for my apprenticeship journey and where it’s brought me today. The fact that I can put the theories I learn at university into practice whilst onsite is invaluable.

YMD Boon are very supportive of my career development, and I’ve felt trusted to solely manage projects of a large scale from day one. For example, currently I am responsible for the property management of National Grid’s North-East sub-stations on a contract basis. Opportunities like this have not only expanded my knowledge and helped me gain practical experience, but it also makes me feel like a valued member of the business and my team.

I would recommend a degree apprenticeship to anyone who is considering it!”


If you’d like to find out more about the career opportunities at YMD Boon, contact us here or visit our careers page.