Rawlins Academy – Fitness Centre

Client: Rawlins Academy

Project Brief: Conversion of redundant swimming pool into fitness studio/multi use community space

Funding: Sports England Capital Grant

Services: Funding Advice, Architecture, Principal Designer

YMD Boon were appointed by Rawlins Academy to provide architectural services to design, procure and deliver a scheme for the conversion of a disused swimming pool.

The pool base had failed and resisted repair, which we discovered was due to ongoing dynamic movement due to varying ground water levels.

Due to budget restraints, demolition and construction of new facilities were out of the question. Therefore, we derived a solution in liaison with the Structural Engineer which added perforations through the base, filled the pool with stone to prevent it floating and provided a new concrete floor with semi sprung floor finish to the whole pool area. 

The space was then converted into a multi use community space, providing an additional income stream.

As part of our initiative we presented the scheme to the relevant stake holders including the school council and the local authority. Once this was agreed, we assisted the college in applying for funding through Sports England. The application received approval and the scheme was delivered successfully providing additional fitness facilities to the students, the local community and providing additional revenue to the college.

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