Heathcote Street, Nottingham

Client: Burt Bros (Hosiery) Ltd

Project Brief: Conversion of derelict building into retail space and student accommodation

Services: Architecture

We were appointed by Burt Bros (Hosiery) Ltd to provide architectural services to redevelop a derelict building in the Hockley area of Nottingham into retail space and student accommodation.

The works include a new cafe or coffee shop on the ground floor along with a 66-bed student accommodation on the upper floors. Within the student accommodation there will be a lobby which includes a reception desk, waiting area and management office as well as a mixture of studio and cluster flats.

The proposal would see the demolition and redevelopment of the rear part of the building, while the signs the front would be replaced for a more modern design - with the structure remaining the same.

The development addresses the ongoing and urgent need to meet the housing needs of students residing in Nottingham City Centre and the works will make a meaningful contribution to meeting that need.

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