Lythall's Lane Industrial Estate

Client: Coventry City Council

Project Brief: Construct 20 small and medium sized light industrial units

Funding: Coventry Investment Fund

Services: Architecture

We were appointed by Coventry City Council to construct small and medium sized industrial units within the existing Lythalls Lane Industrial Estate in the north of Coventry City.

Over a period of approximately 38 weeks, we successfully constructed up to 4,000m² of new industrial units on 2.5 acres of land. This consisted of 20 light industrial units ranging in size from 120m² to 414m², suitable for occupation by small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) on the unused ground.

To build the units, we used a structural steel frame, cladding rails, wall cladding of colour coated profiled metal sheeting, quilt insulation and an inner liner of profiled metal for the walls and roof. As well as this, we used double glazed metal framed windows and doors.

The scheme comprised of a 6-8 week design period and a 30 week construction period and included extensive ground works and remediation of the site.

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